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Helpful Resources

Check out these resources for help with getting into college:

Want to get ready for the SAT and other standardized tests?
Need help with the college application process?
Want to learn about financing your college education?
Need to know more about finding the right college?
Want more information on college applications?
Need to find out why a college action plan is so helpful?
Want to find out how to draft your college plan?
Want to know how to get ready for college?
Want to know how to find scholarship opportunities?

Find your perfect college in seconds:

College Resources

Information to help you make the right choices

How to Apply to College

Find out how to complete your college applications, and learn the three steps to take when applying to colleges for the best chances at getting into the right college for you.

How to Pay for College

Learn how to choose the right resources for paying for college, so you can get the best education with the least amount of debt after graduation.

SAT and Test Prep Resources

A competitive score on a standardized test could help you get in to your top school. Check out these resources to help you tackle the SAT, ACT and other required tests.