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Financial Aid, FAFSA and Scholarship Search Guides

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Our free eBooks cover a wide range of topics including completing the FAFSA, searching for scholarships, and finding financial aid. These free guides are here to help college bound students and parents save money by managing financial aid and exploring options.

Finding Financial Aid

By: Financial Aid Officer
A free and excellent guide on where to look for financial aid, and what all the different terms mean in plain and simple english.

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FAFSA Help Guide eBook

By: FAFSA Online
How to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid - and not miss a dime of financial aid!

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Scholarship Search Secrets

By: Student Scholarship Search
A 35-page free eBook with 11 little-known secrets for finding and receiving college scholarships.

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Financial Aid 101

By: Financial Aid Officer
Free step-by-step guide on the financial aid process with secret tips on saving money!

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