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College Preparation - How to Prepare For College

College Preparation

If you are planning to go to college there are many college preparation tips that you should be aware of. Whether you have no idea how to start preparing for college admissions, or maybe you have some idea but need help, our college preparation resources are designed to help guide you every step of the way.

Explore our college preparation tools, including a College Planning Guide containing detailed college preparation action plans, a College Action Plan with a detailed and strategic calendar starting at the 8th grade level, and a College Testing Guide that outlines various college admission tests like the ACT and SAT.

College Prep Milestones

Our College Planning Guide serves as an overview of the general things which you will need to accomplish during each of your high school years. You can use this as a reminder; a checklist to make sure you have all the information you need or as a preview of what you need to be thinking of next year. For more detailed instructions you will want to review our Detailed College Preparation Action Plans.

Detailed College Prep Action Plan

For detailed descriptions of college preparation activities sorted by month and grade you definitely want to review our action plans. Our action plans will serve as a month-by-month planner and instruction guide for you. You should also share them with your parents so they know what you're going to be tasked with as many items ideally require their input.

College Preparation Discussion Groups

The free College Admissions Forums and Discussion Board will provide you with college preparation advice for students and parents. You will find tips and advice which you can only get in this forum from professionals on staff as well as peers. It's free so you should definitely Join Today.

Tests and Test Preparation (both required and optional)

A discussion of college preparation would not be complete without discussing tests. There are numerous tests and practice tests that you should be familiar with. Each test is referred to in our College Planning Guide and Detailed College Preparation Action Plans and provided helpful links. If you would like to see the list and review them now here they are: